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Faq - ?

  • What version of Rummy game is available on Bigrummy.com?
    • At Bigrummy, we provide the Indian rummy which is a 13 card game and the most popular one.

  • How do I start playing?
    • You just need to create an account at Bigrummy with a unique nickname, password & a valid email id,Mobile no. To create an account

  • Can I play Rummy for free?
    • You can play rummy for free if you are above 18 years of age. Register and activate your account by clicking on the link in your email and start playing.

  • Is there any other game available on Bigrummy.com?
    • Currently, we do not have any other games other than rummy.

  • Can I play with my friends?
    • You can play with your friends provided you invite them to the table. Currently, we do not have the functionality to invite friends to play in a table.

      This functionality will be introduced soon. Check back with the site for new updates.

  • Is there any offers or promotions that I can enroll?
    • Please check our promotions page for the latest promotions. Do check the page regularly for attractive promotions that you can be a part of.

  • Should I register to play a free game?
    • Yes, you should first register on Bigrummy.com to play any game.

  • I am not from India, can I still play at Bigrummy.com?
    • Currently, you can register and play at Bigrummy.com from any country.

  • What version of flash should I have in my machine to play?
    • Your desktop or laptop should have the latest version of flash to play the game without any interruption or technical snag. The recommended version for the flash player is 11.1.0 You can download the latest version of flash from http://www.adobe.com/go/getflashplayer.

  • Why am I not able to register on Bigrummy.com?
    • You might not be using the recommended browser or browser version to register. The recommended versions of the browsers are as follows.

    • Browser Version (min recommended)
      Internet Explorer Version 7 and above
      Chrome Version 10 and above
      Mozilla Firefox Version 3.6 and above
      Opera Version 36 and above
      Safari Version 9 and above
  • What happens when my internet connectivity is affected while in a game?
    • It is unfortunate that such an event occurs especially in a game. However, in the best interest of our users in the event of a power outage or net connectivity issues, the game that you were playing will continue in an auto play mode. As soon as your connection or power is back, you can try to join the same table if you think you have an advantage that far outweighs a drop or forfeiture.

  • Why am I not able to open the game screen?
    • Your game screen may not open if you have an older version of flash that is not supported. Please try and download the latest version of flash by clicking on this link http://www.adobe.com/go/getflashplayer.

  • What is auto play and when does it get activated?
    • Auto play mode is a feature that gets activated when the Bigrummy servers detect a weak connectivity from your pc or laptop or a permanent failure like a power outage. This feature is to help you get back into the game as quickly as you can without having to lose much by way of forcibly leaving the table/game.

  • Is my account details secure on your site?
    • Yes, your account details are safe with us. We will not share your account details with any third party. However, non-sscompliance of tax formalities could override this.