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How To Play

Rummy is a card game that originated in the Old West. As times changed, so did the game. Let's get started by looking at how to play the game of Indian Rummy.

Number of Players

Two to Six


To be the first to exit the game by declaring rummy or score the least points by a specified time limit or number of games.

The Cards

A standard 52-card 1 Joker deck. 2 decks for 6 players are recommended.


A-K-Q-J carry 10 points each. The rest of the cards carry the value of the respective numbers e.g. 9 carries 9 points and 2 carries 2 points, irrespective of the suite or family (clubs, spade, hearts, clover).


One card each is dealt to every player. The player with the lowest card value becomes the Dealer (D)

Then, the dealer deals 13 cards to each player of which one card is removed which forms the joker and the rest of the cards are stacked with the top most card opened which becomes the open card.

Forming Sequences

Each player has to form 4 sequences of which one should be a natural sequence. A natural sequence is the one with no joker replacement. For e.g. if the joker is 5 of heartin, J-Q-5-A of heartin becomes a sequence but not a natural one. If you have J-Q-K of the same family or sute (spade/diamond/clover/heart), that is a natural sequence. So, any 3 or 4 cards that is of the same family or suite that forms in this sequence.